AFFTA Webinar: Use your data to make better business decisions with TrackFly


Join AFFTA and TrackFly to Learn More Next Tuesday September 13th 9 am and 6 pm MST

Fly Fishing Retailers

  • Are you looking to compare your sales data to the rest of the industry anonymously?
  • Do you want to see the latest market trends so you can make more educated buying decisions?
  • Do you want to strengthen your relationship with manufacturers?
  • Have you filled out the AFFTA Dealer Survey in the past?
  • Do you want all of this to be something you no longer have to think about because it happens automatically?
  • Do you want all of this for free?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then register for the webinar scheduled for next Tuesday to learn more!

To register for the 9 am MST webinar click here:

To register for the 6 pm MST webinar click here:

To learn more about TrackFly click here:


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