Prime Business Potentially For Sale: Flood Tide Co.


Many of you immediately recognize and admire the innovative art work of our good friend, Paul Puckett.  He sent us a note recently saying that the company he co-founded, Flood Tide Co. Apparel, what we consider an icon of Low Country fishing culture, is interested in speaking with potential buyers.

Here’s what he had to say: “I am both excited and saddened to report that after 11+ years we have decided to explore the potential sale of Flood Tide and our incredible brand and work product. With that said, I  think it is important to note that I am very open to continuing a relationship with Flood Tide’s new ownership group in whatever form makes sense for all parties. We have engaged Charleston Business Brokers to prepare an offering memorandum as well as to manage the sale process. In that regard, I am happy to jump on a call with those who may show interest or, in the alternative, I can give Marc Williams of Charleston Business Brokers your contact information so that he can send you a non-disclosure agreement and provide you with the offering memorandum. I think that it is also important to note that our directive to Charleston Business Brokers is to first engage with our contacts prior to taking Flood Tide out to the broader market.  Email Marc Williams @ [email protected] to take next steps.


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