At long last… the Little Black Book of Fly Fishing hits the shelves.


Many of you are familiar with The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, which I co-authored with the late Charlie Meyers over a decade ago.  That little book has been a dynamo, selling over 114,000 copies so far and it’s now in its 14th printing.  That’s thanks to many of you who have carried it in your stores, and my gratitude is sincere.  Thank you.  I hope you made some money, and helped your customers shorten the learning curve in the process.

Now, there is a sequel—The Little Black Book of Fly Fishing, written in partnership with Chris Hunt, whom Charlie introduced me to, and many within the industry know and respect.  The black book is a little more expert, a little more international, and it delves a bit further beyond trout, including tips from the flats, the carp ponds, and so on.  But it’s the same straight talk… same cut size… simple little package… at an affordable price (under $20).

We think it can sell, and you can make some coin by helping out.  Heck, a lot of you are in the book!  Do please ask your distributor about it, and if we can be of help, we’re happy to lend a hand also.  (As we promote the book, we’re encouraging people to look for it at their favorite fly shop as a first option!)

Thank you in advance for your support.



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