Angling Trade E-Survey: Has the “lifetime” rod warranty outlived its value?


Has the “lifetime” rod warranty outlived its value?

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  1. I think the warranties are being used the wrong way at present. They are being used more like a free insurance policy where a replacement/repair is offered regardless of cause and that has led consumers to expect something a warranty is not designed for.

    A warranty is literally a contract to replace goods where the manufacturers stated design or construction is not up to standard.

  2. Let Dealers sell the warranties just like a TV or fridge, that way the consumer can decide what level of coverage they want.

    I think it would reduce not only the cost of the rod but also the cost to the manufacturer by not having to stock as many replacement parts, I’m sure they have a very good idea of the percentage of parts they need for every model they sell.


    They should keep warranty. The manufacturers will never reduce retail price if they remove warranty. It does add some value.

  4. It really is only a selling point. You must pay reguardless a fee.
    They use it to justify the price, I think. Plue they are not fast at the turn around. Also, I am sure that it is cheaper to just replace it with a new section then to repair a broken section. Often wondered why they started makeing 4 piece rods. Better for the manufacture.

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