RepYourWater Releases 2021 Sustainability Report: 10 Years of Impact


From RepYourWater:

RepYourWater demonstrates what 10 years of making a positive impact looks like in their newly released 2021 Sustainability Report. Highlights include contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, achieving Climate Neutral Certification, and continuing to donate 3% of every sale to 17 different nonprofit conservation partners. However, RepYourWater is now also committed to cleaning up its supply chain and products, as well as Net-Zero emissions by 2050.

RepYourWater was founded in 2011, where giving back to its local chapter of Trout Unlimited was built into the brand’s DNA from day one. Since then, RepYourWater has achieved Zero Waste operations and Climate Neutral Certification and has donated over $381,000 to conservation.

RepYourWater co-founders Corinne and Garrison Doctor had this to say about achieving their 2021 Sustainability Goals: “We are proud of the steps we have taken over the past 10 years toward our sustainability goals as RepYourWater has evolved and grown. We look forward to continuing this journey and pushing our small business to be a positive force for the health of our world.”

RepYourWater started working with Emerger Strategies, a sustainable business consultancy, in 2016 because they wanted to use their business as a vehicle to protect what they love by improving the social and environmental performance of their operations and products. Emerger Strategies President Rick Crawford had this to say about RepYourWater: “In an industry that is wholly dependent upon natural resources, RepYourWater exemplifies their beliefs through leading by example. The future of fly fishing looks bright with Corinne and Garrison leading the way.”

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RepYourWater is an apparel brand dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top-quality gear for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration. RepYourWater donates at least 3% of every sale to its nonprofit conservation partners.



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