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From Trout Insights, Inc.

Groundbreaking collaboration will bring interactive GPS-enabled maps to traditional fly fishing books

Today, Trout Insights Inc., parent company of trout fishing app TroutRoutes, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Trout Run Press to integrate its interactive mapping platform with regional fly fishing books. This groundbreaking collaboration brings together the traditional local resources of regional fly fishing books with the powerful and interactive trout stream maps of TroutRoutes. The integration will be launched and demonstrated with the new book, Trout Fishing in Northeast Iowa by John van Vliet.

“We have always viewed the traditional resources in fly fishing as absolutely critical for the sport, which is why we are so excited for this unique partnership,” said Zachary Pope, CEO and Founder of Trout Insights, Inc. “We believe the future of the fly fishing industry and the outdoors space in general will involve more creative integrations that combine traditional resources with newer technologies that bring more insights to the outdoor enthusiast.”

Looking forward, Trout Insights, Inc and Trout Run Press have combined forces to create a joint venture, Digital Mapping Technologies, to further develop this patented technology and bring more digital maps to regional fly-fishing books in the United States. Several of these projects are already in development. “For years I’ve been writing about fly fishing and including printed maps, beginning in 1992 with the first edition of Trout Fishing in Southeast Minnesota,” said author and publisher, John van Vliet. “Partnering with TroutRoutes is an intuitive next-step for our industry, a true game changer that I think represents where the industry is going. We are very excited to replicate and further enhance this concept for other regions in the country.”

About TroutRoutes
Trout Insights, Inc. is the parent company to TroutRoutes, a digital mapping platform that helps anglers
find, discover and explore trout streams across the United States with an emphasis on public access. The
software platform is available on both iOS and Android smartphones as well as Desktop computers. For
more information, please visit

About John van Vliet and Trout Run Press
John van Vliet is the driving force behind the publishing company Trout Run Press and is the author of
more than a dozen popular fly-fishing books over the last three decades, including The Art of Fly Tying,
Fly-Fishing Equipment & Skills and Trout Fishing in Southeast Minnesota. His writing has appeared in
the New York Times, Big River Magazine, World Traveler and other publications. An avid fly angler,
writer and filmmaker, he has fly fished around the world. The trout streams of the Driftless Area are his
home waters. For more information, please visit

For more information on this partnership, technology or for collaboration inquiries, please contact either Zachary or John below.

Zachary Pope, CEO of Trout Insights, Inc – [email protected]

John van Vliet, President of Trout Run Press – [email protected]


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