What are You Really Fishing For?


As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Trout Unlimited, with the support of Simms Fishing Products, has built its Spring 2022 issue of TROUT magazine around the theme “What are you really fishing for?”

The idea, plain and simple, is to show that fly fishing is about a whole lot more than people pulling on fish for fun. Fly fishing can be to mental health what jogging or biking can be to cardio health. And for those of us in the industry, it’s community… culture… a gateway to nature… sacred.

As editor, I want to express TU’s sincere thanks to all the advertisers and contributors who made this possible. Thanks especially to John Frazier from Simms for planting the seed of an idea. We’ll have a lot more to show on this front by way of social media, digital stories, an upcoming film, and more.

Please feel free to share the conversation with your clients and contacts. It’s important for the world to appreciate what we’re really all about, and that for millions of Americans, fishing is never really “just fishing.” -Kirk Deeter



  1. Mark Greer on

    Hey, Angling Trade –

    Are we supposed to be able to access the Kirk Deeter TU article, ‘What Are You Really Fishing For’ from your website, as I cannot see a link to the full article?


  2. Linda Cole Lovin on

    An important article for mental health therapists and coaches to be able to share with clients. Please share the link asap!! Thank you, Kirk Deeter, for this valuable resource!
    Thank you,
    Linda Lovin
    Co-Active Coach

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