Striped Bass Public Comment – April 15 Deadline


From ASGA:

The Time is Now to Act

Thanks to everyone for taking a moment to read this action alert.  We have 1 more days to get public comment in to support proper striped bass management and help them recover from a 30 year low in the population cause by overfishing.  If you have 10 minutes to get a comment it, we greatly appreciate it!  Every voice counts… big time.  Below are a number of resources & links with instruction on how to comment.  Thank you and please respond with any questions!  Abundance drives access for all.

A note from the American Saltwater Guides Association:

Draft Amendment 7 is out for public comment. Your voice is the only thing than can make a difference now. There is nothing easy or simple about this document. That does not change the fact that all of us need to participate in this process if we hope to restore striped bass.

Here are some basic rules for comments:

Please send your comments to [email protected] with the subject line “Amendment 7”. Include your state Striped Bass Board members in the email. The full list of Board members, along with their email addresses, can be found here.

Just like with the last addendum, ASGA is running a raffle thanks to our awesome sponsors. It doesn’t matter what position you take. We just want to know that you commented. To enter, just cc [email protected] when you submit your comments to ASMFC. We will pick random winners once the public comment period ends on April 15, 2022.

Form letters DO NOT count like personalized emails. The Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission will separate form letters and they are weighted less in the process. So please add a personal statement to your emails!

The deadline for comments is 11:59PM EST on 4/15/22.

We have prepared two blogs. The first blog is just the facts. The second blog provides our rationale for each decision point. We also recorded four podcasts, one for each main topic. Those podcasts can be found on our homepage. We are in the process of doing outreach on a formal letter to ASMFC. You can see it here. Finally, the infographic below brings it all together in an easily digestible format.”


Kyle Schaefer
Maine Board Member for American Saltwater Guides Association (ASGA)


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