IFTD Wild Card: Catchflo


Founded in fly but casting farther

By Kris Millgate

Heavy hitters have prime placement at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show. Simms and Semperfli were entrance booths in 2022. Patagonia was prominent too, but displayed zero gear. They gave their space to Utah Stream Access Coalition. A surprising move for show approach, but I give my wild card to this guy.

“We’re not trying to make new shoe styles,” says Dan Moyers, Catchflo founder. “We’re just trying to make them fun.”

Fun on canvas includes Retro Rain, inspired by a fly-stitched handkerchief found at an antique store in Taos, New Mexico by a woman named Rain. There’s also the Home Water Series for $78.00. It will go beyond fly to mainstream because it features shoes by state. I spied Idaho’s slip-on and eagerly mapped my favorite rivers across my feet.

Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate is based in Idaho where she runs trail and chases trout. Sometimes she even catches them when she doesn’t have a camera, or a kid, on her back. My Place Among Fish, the sequel to her first book, My Place Among Men, is available now. See more of her work at www.tightlinemedia.com.



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