What fish takes more effort, energy and strength to land: a nine pounder or a six pounder? 


The same holds true for the effort, energy and strength to row a drift boat. Boulder Boats are on average 1/3 lighter than a fiberglass boat requiring less energy, stamina and most importantly less water to row.  What does this mean for your rowing experience on the river?  First off, the lightweight nature of the boat makes the Boulder very responsive and quick to maneuver.  This equates to a sharp, crisp, predictable row down the river.  The way that we accomplish this is by constructing our hulls out of a high-density polymer.  Beyond that light weight, buoyant, nature of the polymer is its inherent durability.  You can literally take a full swing of a sledgehammer to the hull without leaving a scratch.

Row it and You will know it!  With the Boulder Boat being such a unique construction, we encourage anyone interested in buying one to set up some time to get out to demo a boat with us.  If it’s the right boat for you our team of skilled boat builders would look forward to building your forever boat.  Give us a call and set up some time to get a Boulder on the river. We would even welcome you to give it the ole’ sledgehammer test! Don’t forget to bring a six pack of domestics for the crew when you stop by.


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