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Little ideas with big potential at IFTD 2022

By Kris Millgate

The International Fly Tackle Dealer three-day event in Salt Lake City, Utah felt more like a reunion than a trade show, but products decently filled the fringes as friendships rekindled after nearly three years of pandemic separation. Some of those products stand out as unique because of their ability provide a simple solution to a complicated outdoor situation. Whether they launched during the 2022 show hosted by American Fly Fishing Trade Association or since the last show in 2019, these products are buzz worthy.

Fly Trap XLT
Artisan Angler
MSRP $14.95

What started as a place to stick wet flies while you fish, is turning into a fly box. The Fly Trap XLT holds several dozen flies. The silicone tube is ribbed so you can wrap droppers attached to tippet around the cylinder. Fill it up, hook it to your lanyard and never lose a whole box of flies to the river, or the wind, again.

Geryon Universal Bike Packing System
MSRP: $429

Pedal away from the crowd without risking your rod off-road. System attaches to front and back of bike frame. Holds 30 pounds total. Includes cinch straps for securing rod tubes. Add handle bar bow attachment if you hunt by bike.

Decal Day Pack Mix 5
Karmik Outdoors
MSRP: $39.95 (5 decals)

This is not a backpack. It’s what goes on your backpack. Plus your fly rod, net, oars and cooler because Mix includes five decals with QR codes. Those codes lead back to you should you lose your gear. Whoever finds it earns rewards from Karmik when they scan the code. Return rate is 78% for all outdoor gear, 90% among fly fishers. Apparently dishonesty among anglers only applies to the size of fish lost.

Ladies Line…show picks for female anglers

Among the 82 booths and 750 attendees at the 2022 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show, there were less 100 women present. Less sounds like little, but it’s still more than zero as gender diversity continues its crusade.

During the show, American Fly Fishing Trade Association honored Simms veteran Diane Bristol with the Lefty Kreh Industry Award. That’s significant, but the Ladies Line represents even more significance. These products are designed by women and they come from companies owned by women.

Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant
Miss Mayfly
MSRP $259.95

Waist-high waders with stretch. Adjustable backstraps for wearing as your body expands with pregnancy…or age. “It’s not just about product,” says Kim Ranalla, Miss Mayfly founder. “It’s about raising the bar for women.”

Mt. Cutty Dual Dopp Kit
MSRP: $45.00

Holds 4-5 reels. For dual purpose, stash reels with rods and fill this with toiletries.  “I love introducing people to Fishe,” says Kacie Samson. “Women thought there was nothing for them and here we are.”

Hachi 7’6” Youth Tenkara Rod
Zen Tenkara
MSRP: $150.00

Compact, telescoping, reelless rod with foam handle instead of cork. Kid durable, but also survives backpackers and beginners. “It’s the 8-year-old in all of us,” says Karin Miller, Zen Tenkara founder. “When we experience success, we want to do it more.”

Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate is based in Idaho where she runs trail and chases trout. Sometimes she even catches them when she doesn’t have a camera, or a kid, on her back. My Place Among Fish, the sequel to her first book, My Place Among Men, is available now. See more of her work at


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