Fish On! introduces the “No Brainer Net Retainer”


Fish On! is a new company, making its debut at the IFTD 2022 in Salt Lake City last week. We had a great time meeting people from the fly-fishing industry and we learned a lot. Our company had two logo designs and IFTD attendees voted on the design they preferred. We are proud of the winning logo shown here. It was designed by a local high school student. The ballots also served as entries for a raffle of some of our products on Thursday afternoon.

We have two approaches for getting our signature product in the market: 

1. Direct sales of our No Brainer Net Retainer kit to retailers. The kit is truly easy to install by the consumer, and it works with any type of net.

2. Licensing of the patent pending No Brainer Net Retainer technology to net manufacturers for installation prior to retail distribution.

Our signature product, the No Brainer Net Retainer is a game changer.  We all know the difficulties with net management: nets hanging by retractors or magnets from the back of a vest swing around and they fall over your shoulder when you lean over… nets get easily hung up when you are bushwhacking… they can be hard to reach when a fish is on the line.

The No Brainer Net Retainer addresses all of these problems. Primarily designed to be worn on the wading belt, but it can be clipped onto any sort of strap. The powerful magnets retain the net solidly, but allow for you to put it into action quickly. Magnet positioning on the net is optimal, keeping the handle in the upright position for easy deployment with a good grip for netting. Putting the net back in place is just as simple. Once the magnets come into contact, they snap together securely.

The below video demonstrates the advantages of the No Brainer Net Retainer over other net management options


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