Longtime fly-fishing media professionals launch new travel booking agency for adventurous anglers


Hatch Adventure Travel to offset carbon footprint for every trip it books

Three longtime fly-fishing media professionals and avid anglers are behind the launch of a unique, new travel booking agency that offers fishing and adventure tourism experiences to both domestic and international destinations and pays to offset 150 percent of the carbon emissions associated with air travel.

Chad Shmukler, Earl Harper and Chris Hunt are the partners behind Hatch Adventure Travel (HAT), which is already booking clients on adventures to some of the most sought-after angling destinations around the globe. To reduce the environmental impact of air travel associated with the trips the company sells, HAT is footing the bill to offset 150 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted over the course of a plane trip, regardless of the length of the flight or the cost associated with the offset.

“Travel broadens our horizons and fills our souls. It fuels local economies around the globe, providing
livelihoods for countless families and individuals. In many rural and remote areas, it drives conservation,
by offering alternatives to destructive, extractive industries and supplies incentives to preserve natural
environments. But travel also has an impact. And that’s something that even those of us in the travel
industry can’t—or at least shouldn’t—ignore,” Shmukler says.

Together, the trio behind Hatch Adventure Travel possesses over 50 years of travel experience, visiting
every continent on the planet except Antarctica in search of angling and other adventures. Through this
extensive travel, they’ve seen it all—both the good and the bad—and have chosen to represent only the
destinations that offer their clients the best possible experience.

“What makes a destination good or even great isn’t just the quality of the fishing or the view from the
porch,” says Shmukler. “It’s about so much more than that. Over the years we’ve learned that the best
destinations are almost always borne of the ideals of their owners and operators. Cultural pride which
comes through in the guest experience, a dedication to conservation and sustainability, a commitment to
providing their guides and staff with fair wages and a healthy work environment, attentiveness and
attention to detail—those are the true hallmarks of a great destination,” he added.

Regarding the new agency’s carbon offset program, Hunt notes “I don’t think any of us would be doing
this if we couldn’t, at the very least, reduce the impact of our business on the planet. It’s by no means a
perfect solution to CO2 emissions, but many of the offsets we purchase go directly to projects on the
ground in or near the destinations we serve and the rest go to helping to address the ongoing climate

For instance, if a client books a trip to chase permit in Mexico’s famed Ascension Bay, half of the offsets
the agency purchases will help fund the Utsil Naj healthy homes program, which helps provide efficient
cookstoves to homes throughout the country. Similarly, the carbon offsets HAT purchases for anglers
traveling to Argentina will go toward funding renewable energy projects in neighboring Brazil. The other
half of the offsets purchased for each trip the agency books will be devoted to GoldStandard’s Climate+
offset, a hybrid fund that helps propel a variety of projects – from clean water access to renewable energy
– reaching all corners of the globe. Like all of GoldStandard’s offset programs, the Climate+ fund is an
internationally recognized, ISEAL-standardized, voluntary carbon offset program focused on helping to
achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“We’re very interested in responsible travel to places anglers want to visit,” Harper says. “It makes sense
for anglers who want to fish around the world to give a little bit back to the areas they visit, and the offset
is our way of helping them do that.”

Presently, HAT is selling trips to lodges in the United States, Argentina, Chile, Mongolia, Iceland,
Greenland, Mexico and the Bahamas. More lodges are coming online in the coming weeks. For more,
visit hatch.travel.


Chad Shmukler [email protected]

Earl Harper [email protected]

Chris Hunt [email protected]


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