Most Frequently Purchased Conventional Fishing Tackle Brands in 2021


From Southwick Associates:

Fishing tackle sales were strong in 2021. However, there were some shifts in the top brands consumers reported purchasing. Though the primary reasons are unclear, supply chain constraints on product selection, changes in consumers’ brand preferences and loyalty as well as a continuing shift towards retailer brands may all be a cause. Southwick Associates has identified the brands purchased most frequently in 2021 based on more than 6,000 surveys completed by anglers through the Southwick Associates AnglerSurvey online consumer panel.

A sampling of some of the most frequently purchased brands in 2021 include:

* Reels – Shimano
* Rod/Reel Combos – Shakespeare
* Fluorocarbon Fishing Line – Seaguar
* Monofilament Fishing Line – Bass Pro Shops
* Hard Bait – Rapala
* Soft Bait – Bass Pro Shops
* Sinkers/Weights – Eagle Claw
* Fishing Clothing – Columbia
* Tackle Boxes – Bass Pro Shops

Topline results of the Southwick Associates consumer tracking study are available in the Fishing Participation and Equipment Purchases Report. This in-depth resource tracks fishing participation and equipment purchases for a broad range of products. Equipment purchase information includes the percentage of sales across different retail channels, brand purchased, price paid and demographics for anglers buying specific products. Additional participation information tracked includes total days spent per activity, type of fishing, and targeted species.

Southwick Associates also develops custom research to assist companies with their business decisions including market assessments, product development, customer segmentation, brand health, pricing, and more. To purchase a report or discuss custom research, contact Nancy Bacon at [email protected].

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