Unique private water memberships…


If you have clients who like fishing in Wyoming and want some solitude, check this out.

Rare Waters is offering annual memberships to Silver Spur in Encampment, Wyoming, for $5,000 per year. Membership includes unlimited fishing access to 10 miles of The North Platte River, Encampment River and 3 stocked reservoirs. In addition, members are able to book catered dining and overnight stays at the Elk Hollow Lodge for $300 per night. Membership will be capped this year at 35 members.



  1. Philip Kashian on


    This is why more and more I stay home in Wisconsin. Trout, warm water fish like Pike and Musky where the size of your wallet does not give you access like there is out west. CO, Utah, Wyoming it is BS that this is the direction of the industry. A pox on these states that allow it.

    • I’m with you Philip, the fishing situation in the U.S. is looking more and more like Europe with private and fee waters showing up all across the country in greater numbers. Glad to be in a “Fly Over” state!

    • Respectfully, I disagree. I assume the two of you aren’t landowners, but perhaps I’m wrong. As landowners, we spend tens of thousands every year in property maintenance and upkeep. The “trout bum” types trespass, destroy fences, harass cattle, leave trash and rut out our roads. We eat the expense for all of this. We also run the risk of getting sued by a trespasser who has an accident on our property even though they’re breaking the law. Until outdoorsmen and women can prove they’re responsible again, anglers aren’t getting on our property for free. Older generations were generally more respectful, but it’s not 1980 anymore. Unfortunately, today we live in an entitled and litigation heavy society that has ruined private property access for everyone.

  2. As a landowner who disagrees with the above statements, apparently the moderator won’t let me leave a reply.

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