Trout Unlimited launches online store


TU has launched a collection of “trouty” gear available at a new online store (they don’t call it a “store” but you get the picture).  By visiting you’ll find an array of products like license plate frames, socks and dog collars that were designed and produced with a distinctively fishy theme that helps anglers show their support of the organization that keeps America’s rivers cold, clean and fishable. So please encourage customers to donate for products that go toward making fishing better.

In turn, know that TU is intentionally NOT selling things like rods, reels, lines, etc., that directly compete with specialty fly dealers.  In fact, TU has a standing tradition of encouraging its members and followers to support the local fly shop.

Also if any of you manufacturers have ideas for products you might want to collaborate with TU on, contact Zack Dingus at [email protected].


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