Angling Trade E-Survey: Would you like Angling Trade to list boats for sale?


Help us out, please. We’re thinking about running a simple boat listing section—a virtual brokerage of sorts where people can buy and sell dories, rafts, trailers, john boats, canoes, and other small watercraft. No commissions. No fancy accounting. Just a flat fee (like $50) to put a listing of your boat with a photo up… people see it, contact you, you make your deal, boom, done.

No skin off our noses either way, we just wonder if people would use it.

So… would you use an online boat sales listing service through Angling Trade and would look at buying a boat that way?

Would you like Angling Trade to list boats for sale?

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  1. Think it would be a great community building tool. Just be sure it’s For Sale by Owner, no dealers and ads involved unless they are paid advertisers over on the side and then still not allow their boats to be posted idividually.

  2. Ronald B Swanson on

    Why would I pay 50$ to list it here when I could list it on Facebook marketplace for 30-50% more than its value and have it sold within a day in this market?

  3. Angling Trade on

    Well, this would be a hyper targeted group of people who know and understand fishing boats. But… That’s why we’re asking. I’m guessing the market for boats wouldn’t change based on where you list it.

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