Chota Outdoor Gear Releases New Boot


From Chota Outdoor Gear:

Chota Outdoor Gear launches the Rough Ridge Boot that is rough to the core.

Chota Outdoor Gear will be releasing their new Rough Ridge Boot, Nov. 16, 2021.  The boots feature an upper rubber-coated polyurethane for maximum durability, and have an EVA mid-sole, as well as, a synthetic inner lining that offers greater comfort while affording the versatility of water wear.

“Chota is thrilled to be releasing the high-quality Rough Ridge Boots, which will be durable and comfortable for all,” said Mark Brown, the Brand Manager of Chota. “I’m particularly excited about the the extra tough rubber around the toe and heel which offers an extra abrasion resistance.  These boots are just one of the new exciting innovations coming from Chota in 2022.”

Other boot features include long-lasting paracord boot laces and high density polypropylene felt soles with built in cleat bases that accept all Chota cleat styles while providing exceptional traction in the water.

The Rough Ridge Boot is also available in a rubber-soled version which will also accept any Chota cleats.

After 47 years, Chota Outdoor Gear remains committed to helping customers make the most of their time in the outdoors with innovative and comfortable gear. The Rough Ridge Boot will be available online, as well as, in local retailers across the country.

About Chota® Outdoor Gear: 

Chota Outdoor gear has been designing and distributing high quality outdoor gear to meet the real world challenges of outdoor enthusiasts since 1974. Personal experience has led the company to take on an innovative perspective to boots, hippies, and waders, making the brand respected and recognizable among the elite of the outdoor sporting world.  In 2019, Chota underwent a merger with Ranger Outdoors, LLC.  With this merger, Chota now works with Angler Sport Group, Daiichi Hooks, and Miss Mayfly. 



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