Make your voice heard NOW Colorado: Month Long Comment Period Closing


From American Rivers:

Six years ago, Water for Colorado  — a coalition American Rivers is a proud member of — came together to help ensure Coloradans’ voices were heard in the development of the Colorado Water Plan. In the end, 30,000 public comments were submitted to the Colorado Water Conservation Board, making it one of the largest and most celebrated examples of civic engagement in state history.

It’s time to once again ensure Coloradans’ voices are heard as the Colorado Water Plan undergoes an update. The month-long public comment period on Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) drafts has opened and runs through November 13, allowing residents to provide input on what they want to see in their community’s plan.

Basin Implementation Plans aren’t just important to the local basins and watersheds; they help build the scaffolding of the Colorado Water Plan overall. Crucially, the BIP public comment period is the first opportunity to engage community members, decision-makers, and all water stakeholders (that means you!) – especially those who may have been left out in years past – to ensure their voices are being heard.

To help you do this, Water for Colorado is collecting comments, which will then be submitted on your behalf to your local Basin Roundtable once the public comment period ends on Nov. 13.

If you want to get involved but are unsure of what to say or how to comment, Water for Colorado has worked with a number of organizations to create some talking points for you.

Please, don’t miss this critical opportunity to have your voice heard!


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