RepYourWater Takes Next Step on Sustainability Journey with Climate Neutral Certification


From Emerger Strategies:

Starting in 2017 RepYourWater partnered with sustainable business consultancy, Emerger Strategies, to take another step on their sustainability journey by working towards not only supporting conservation, but also making their business more sustainable by taking steps towards more sustainable operations. For example, RepYourWater has been zero-waste to landfill for 3 years and 2019 was their first year being carbon neutral as a founding member of the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance. Now, RepYourWater has taken the next step on their responsible business path by becoming Climate Neutral Certified, which is a 3rd-party certification of their carbon footprint. RepYourWater achieved certification by measuring, reducing and purchasing carbon offsets to achieve Climate Neutral Certification. RepYourWater supported eight carbon offset projects focused on advancing renewable energy generation, dispersal of efficient cookstoves, and forest conservation around the world. Each project is independently verified, ensuring they’re effectively protecting our climate.

Looking to the future, RepYourWater has set even more substantial sustainability goals for 2025, including donating $500,000 to their nonprofit conservation partners, volunteering 500 hours, and maintaining zero waste & carbon neutrality across Scope 1, 2 & 3 greenhouse gas emissions. RepYourWater has no plans of slowing down either as they will continue focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and bringing more attention to their supply chain and products, with the aim of 100% of apparel being packaged using recycled materials or without packaging; 50% of products being made with recycled content or organic materials; and 25% of headwear containing recycled or organic materials.

RepYourWater Co-founder, Corinne Doctor had this to say about being Climate Neutral Certified, “Climate change poses a major threat to fish all over the planet, and as a company dependent upon this natural resource, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to being part of the climate solution through Climate Neutral Certification. We know our business isn’t a main contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, but we believe in leading by example and will continue to strive towards becoming the best version of ourselves and company.”

Emerger Strategies President, Rick Crawford, stated “sustainability is a never-ending continuous improvement story and RepYourWater is proof of that. When we started working together, we focused on what we could control by calculating and reducing their Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions, then in 2019 we included Scope 3 and achieved carbon neutrality, and now in we have 3rd party certified their 2020 Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon footprint with the help of Climate Neutral.” Be on the lookout for more sustainability news from RepYourWater in 2022.


RepYourWater is an apparel brand dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top-quality gear for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration. RepYourWater donates at least 3% of every sale to its nonprofit conservation partners and is working toward achieving their 2025 sustainability goals.


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