Never Lose Outdoor Gear Again with Karmik Outdoors


Losing stuff sucks. We’ve all been there. Here’s the really crappy part… 76% of all lost gear is found and could have been returned if there was only identification on it. Lost gear is expensive or even impossible to replace. There are hundreds of makes and models of fly rods but the one grandad gives you is irreplaceable. Protect it with a Karmik decal.

Karmik Outdoors exists to provide outdoorsmen and women with a modern and reliable method of preventing the loss of outdoor gear.

Our lost and found decals link your contact information to your gear conveniently and safely in our database. If you lose a piece of gear with a Karmik product a finder can contact you immediately. Since our decals are “anonymous” if you ever want to sell your gear all you have to do is deregister it and now its a selling feature. Your contact info written or carved into a product hurts the resale value.

Also, if you move or change your phone number you can update it in our system it automatically updates all of your registered gear.

Let’s say you’re going to the Seychelles or Alaska or Chile or some other destination and your rod tube is lost in transit. Your standard luggage tag probably has your home address on it, not your destination address. With Karmik the finder can contact you immediately and you can communicate with them about where to send it.

We have 3 styles of decals- rectangular “Original” decals, skinny “Anywhere” decals, and aluminum “Bag Tags”. As avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves we designed our products to fit outdoor folk needs. We also designed our products to fit a wide variety of outdoor gear in all elements and climates. Every decal has a unique ID that links the item to the user in our database. It’s pretty slick.

We even offer a return incentive on behalf of our customers. We will reward the finder of your gear for you!

Original– About 1” wide and 2” long our rectangular original decal is the best option for most gear. From your favorite coffee mug to your net and fly boxes, this is the perfect decal to ensure you don’t lose your items. We designed a Hi-Viz that is orange and silver with a reflective finish to ensure the decal is noticed. We also designed a Non-reflective decal for your hunting gear or photography equipment where you wouldn’t want any flash. Both have a convenient QR code to make registrations and returns easier. If you are in the market for a new set of Oars or paddles we have partnered with Sawyer Paddles and Oars and you can have our service built into your new oars! Check out the ReConnect decals that Sawyer offers.



Anywhere– This decal is perfect for our most prized possessions, our FLY RODS! Robert, the founder of Karmik Outdoors, came up with the idea when he found a fly rod and wanted to return it, but never could. At 8mmx45mm or about ¼” wide and 1.5” long it fits perfectly on a rod just above the cork. If someone finds a rod the first thing they are going to do is see what make, model and weight it is. Put the lost and found decal there! These also work great for rangefinders, Airpods, Trekking poles, GPS units, photography equipment etc.



Bag Tag– Our decals are essentially badass durable stickers. Even as tough as they are they do not work for all applications, so we created the Bag Tag to cover all the bases. This aluminum tag has a crazy durable coating that is laser etched so it will last forever. Attach it to your boat bag, lifejackets, luggage, ski bag, dogs, float tube or pontoons, fly vests or packs, or any softgood you value. We like to say our decals have a 2x value. We PROTECT your purchase price and PREVENT a repurchase. If you lost your sling pack with everything in it valued at $500 or more, our decal is worth $1000. We save you time and money and anxiety caused from losing valuable gear. Plus we save you from the embarrassment of telling your spouse you lost something!

For the cost of a couple flies, you can protect your entire fly box, fly rod, vest, oars, anchor, phone, camera, boat bag and other outdoor gear forever. Go to to get some for yourself or a loved one. Use the Code KARM25 for 25% off.


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