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From Southwick Associates:

The outdoor life we enjoy is in part shaped by elected officials, natural resource agencies, businesses and media. But like anyone, they can only make decisions based on the information at hand. Help them understand what hunters, anglers and target shooters want by signing up for, and/or

By taking our quarterly, confidential surveys, you help:

• Defend our right to hunt, fish, target shoot and enjoy an American way of life;
• Manufacturers and retailers know what types of tackle and gear people need and use;
• Outdoor media understand the information and entertainment we want most; and
• State fisheries and wildlife agencies better understand our ever-changing fishing, hunting, target shooting and outdoor preferences.

Every time you take the survey, you are entered to win one of four $100 or twelve $50 gift cards Southwick Associates awards every quarter. Since the surveys began in 2008, respondents’ names, contact information and replies have never been shared with anyone and never will. Only aggregated results are provided to industry leaders for a fee while results are shared at no cost when needed to the organizations and resource managers working for and in support of anglers, hunters, and firearms enthusiasts.

Signing up for a quarterly survey only takes a minute. Do so now at or / to become a vocal part of our outdoor future!

Southwick Associates is a market research and economics firm, specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing and other outdoor recreation markets. For more than 30 years, Southwick Associates has established a proven record for delivering comprehensive insights and statistics assisting business and strategic decisions across the entire outdoor industry; from government agencies, industry associations and non-profit organizations, to affiliated businesses and manufacturers. 


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