Angling Trade E-Survey: Are you seeing an uptick in angler consumers willing to pay a few bucks for a private water fishing experience?


Are you seeing an uptick in angler consumers willing to pay a few bucks for a private water fishing experience?

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  1. Paul Prentiss on

    I’m fine with reasonable rod fees but I find the Rare Waters program marginally acceptable for three reasons 1. It’s focused entirely on the well-heeled ….. do you actually believe that $250 per angler per day for is targeted at the middle income nimrod? 2. You can become a special member for more money to gain advantage over others …. so much for fairness in booking a trip. 3. Do think they are supporting struggling ranchers who can hardly make ends meet …… I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. The argument that they are helping public access by relocating a select few to private water is laughable. I don’t resent the fact they are taking advantage of those among us who can afford to spend freely on their passion but let’s not ID it as contributing to the public good.

  2. Mr. Prentiss, we’re located in Georgia where there are several private trout venues for anglers to have an opportunity to fish with exclusive access and experience an enjoyable day on-stream. While some of these locations do have access fees over $200 per angler for a day of fishing, most of the trips we have are $180/day or $120/ half day. Yes, some of our guests are “well-heeled”, far and away most of them are just your average, hard-working middle class folks who love to flyfish. Many of them have limited time away from family and work and are looking to have the optimum opportunity to enjoy a fun day on the stream. The one issue I want to challenge you on is your impression that these activities aren’t critical to these landowners maintaining the integrity of their property; many of which have been in their family for 4 or 5 generations. I certainly can’t speak for the situations “out west”, I can tell you that there is absolutely no question that we are helping families maintain their property and not cutting it up into 1-acre lots just to pay the taxes. I’m proud to offer them this alternative. As you may imagine, the pressure to sell the property off one acre at a time for 10 times the original purchase price can be very tempting. Instead, it’s maintained in a relatively pristing state to support trout and provide the best possible experience for anglers instead of being subject to grading, septic tanks, roads and overstory removal. In my opinion, this is an acceptable alternative to changing the entire character of the land.

  3. I have steelhead fished the Lake Ontario tribs for a long time. My experience there has not always been the best because of recent crowds. There is a private section near the mouth of the salmon river that was declared private and charges for access. In the last 20 years they have steadily raised the cost to a point where not everyone can afford it. They have also instituted their own C&R regulations for some fish. Now they have their own river walkers patrol it. If this type of thing could be guarded against I might be in favor of it but very cautious. I have a couple of deals with land owners that I pay a trespass fee to each year for access when guiding. So I can’t be completely apposed it bit worry we will become like the UK

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