Karmik Outdoors Eliminates Annual Fee


From Karmik Outdoors:

Karmik Outdoors, the leader in outdoor gear recovery, has just become more exciting. No Annual Fee! After much deliberation and talking to customers they have decided to forgo their annual service fee. “People seem to love the idea of protecting their valuable gear, but do not seem thrilled about an on-going fee” Says Robert Gillingham, owner of Karmik Outdoors, “so we got rid of it.” Robert continued, “We talked with current and potential users, most everyone said they would be willing to pay a little more upfront and not have to worry about it ever again.”

Karmik decided to increase prices slightly from $3.99 with an $1.99 annual service fee to a one time $9.98 purchase. A sticker from Patagonia, Simms, Fishpond or one of the many talented artists out there ranges $5-10 per sticker. Although they look cool, they are just stickers. Karmik decals are far more durable with a layer of military/industrial grade vinyl over the top that is damn near indestructible. There is also built in powerful software, customer support, advanced technology and a return incentive inclusive of the new price. For the price of a couple flies or a single articulated streamer you can protect your entire fly box worth hundreds of dollars.

Karmik has extended an offer to the Angling Trade community, using the code “4UAT” at checkout for a 50% off coupon!!! Protect all your gear next time you’re on the water including nets, anchors, oars, paddles, rod tubes, coolers, dry bags, fly boxes, photography equipment or even your keys.


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