SA Introduces Paper Board Spools

From SA:
When Scientific Anglers launched our Absolute Leader and Tippet Program in 2020, we made the decision to move away from plastic, poly bag leader packages and instead chose 100% biodegradable packaging for our tapered leaders.  We also introduced a Bulk Leader Display to sell leaders without individual packaging. To further the sustainability of our fly line packaging, SA is transitioning to our new patent pending, single-piece, recyclable paper board spool in our fly line cartons.
Reducing Single Use Plastic
Traditional plastic fly line spools are often used once to dispense the fly line and then discarded or recycled.  Every plastic spool contains the same amount of plastic as two 5 weight fly lines.  By using a paper board spool, SA is eliminating thousands of pounds of plastic in the waste/recycle stream per year.
Single Piece Design
Unlike traditional plastic fly line spools that are made of two separate halves, SA’s new patent pending paper board spool features a one piece design.  This innovative design prevents spool separation when spooling lines at high speeds that can lead to massive tangles.  The square-shaped flange and paper board surface also keeps the fly line from slipping on the spool and over-running which can also lead to tangles on plastic spools.
Effective immediately, all newly produced Scientific Anglers fly lines will be transitioning to our new paper board spool as a running change. Any pre-existing inventory in our warehouse will continue to ship with our original plastic spool as we fully transition to the new spool design.

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