Uncharted Supply Co. Brings the Dead Back to Life with the New Athena


From Uncharted Supply Co.:

Uncharted Supply Co is expanding its line of emergency preparedness and safety gear with the introduction of the Athena. The second portable energy system in the company’s lineup complements the Zeus—a slightly larger, more powerful portable jump starter and charger released in 2018. Though slightly smaller than the Zeus, the Athena’s 16000mAh capacity holds more than enough power to jumpstart a car or power a laptop, and its compact size and light weight make it ideal for travel.

The Athena fills a growing need for a portable energy system for smaller engines and day-to-day use. It can jumpstart up to a 6.0L gasoline or diesel engine in seconds, up to 20 times with one charge. Its intelligent battery clamps have eight protections built in to ensure no sparks or shocks, even if used incorrectly. The Athena can also quickly power a laptop or mobile phone with USB-C, Micro USB, and (2) USB ports—without the need for a power outlet.

“Our lives are becoming more and more mobile each day—and at the same time more dependent on electronic devices,” said Christian Schauf, Founder and CEO of Uncharted Supply Co. “The Athena is extremely durable and compact, has multiple capabilities and is there when you need it—from a quick phone charge to starting your dead car, it will keep you connected and get you home safely when help is not around.”

In addition to its battery jump capabilities, the Athena also features a 3-in-1 LED built-in flashlight, providing a powerful source of light in the dark and when navigating an engine in an emergency situation. The Athena’s waterproof, dustproof (IP67) and shock-resistant design make it a trusted companion for all outdoor adventures and extreme environments.

“Our team knew that in order to develop a product built to last and that would consistently perform in stressful situations, we needed to focus on two things: battery life and jumpstart power,” said Schauf. “The Athena’s high-level voltage multiplier generates an extremely high output by allowing all four battery cells to work together at the same time, prolonging battery life and producing stronger battery jump capabilities.”

The Athena ($130.00) and its larger counterpart, the Zeus ($150.00) are available for purchase at unchartedsupplyco.com and can be found at official Uncharted Supply Co., retail partners across the country.

For more information on the new portable energy system and Uncharted Supply Co.’s complete line of emergency preparedness gear, visit https://unchartedsupplyco.com.

About Uncharted Supply Co.
Uncharted Supply Co. was founded by a community of adventurers and philanthropists all with a shared mission in mind: to educate families, friends, and communities, and prepare them for any kind of emergency. Uncharted seeks to bring peace of mind and emergency preparedness into the modern era. With innovative products like the Seventy2​®​ Survival System, standing ready is no longer just for the doomsayers and survivalists. To learn more about Uncharted Supply Co. visit: unchartedsupplyco.com. Or follow them on Instagram:​ @unchartedsupplyco​.


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  1. Susan Marie Scoggins on

    I bought am Athena in 2022 because I was moving to Costa Rica and needed a jump starter for car or other emergencies. The first time I needed to use it, I tried charging it. The manual says all four blue lights will indicate fully charged. I have been charging it for several days and only the first blue light flashes. No energy. Can’t even turn on the flashlight. Very disappointed. Now that I am in Costa Rica, I am without an emergency energy source.

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