Ford Motor Company does the right thing.


No more vehicles splashing through rivers.  We should urge other auto makers to follow suit.

By Kirk Deeter

When you drive a truck or an ATV through a river, you wreck habitat.  Granted, sure, there are places where stream crossings are permitted and regulated… that’s not what we’re talking about.  We’re talking about splashing through rivers, tearing up the river bottom, screwing up the bug life and all that.  Anyone who fly fishes seriously knows that’s just dumb.

But apparently a number of vehicle makers and/or their ad agencies are ignorant of this, because in their attempts to show how badass their products are (presumably to people who hunt/fish and so forth), they feel compelled to show them plowing through a river.  Jeep, Nissan… and a list longer than your arm does this.

We spoke up to Ford Motor Company last week, and to their credit, they responded and said they do the right thing and not portray their vehicles in that manner any more.  It’s actually a pretty cool example of anglers’ voices being listened to.  You can see what they said here, and if you click the link in the story, you can see what set it all off.


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