Orvis is rolling out its popular virtual Fly Fishing 101 course for free for a second year


Here are some details:

  • Learn fly-fishing basics with our FREE virtual Fly Fishing 101 how-to videos. Based on 50 years of running schools and fly-fishing education programs, our series of five virtual Fly Fishing 101 videos will provide you with the basic on fly casting, rigging, fly selection, and more. Perfect for beginners of all ages to get started fly fishing. Sign up and start learning today!
  • To accompany our virtual Fly Fishing 101 classes, stores are offering 1:1 low contact appointments or folks can stop by during store hours for additional help and advice. Right now these are planned through May.

We encourage you to pass along this info to anyone you feel might be interested and if you would like to post about virtual Fly Fishing 101 HERE are some assets you can use to do so.


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