RIO Products Expands Its SlickCast Fly Line Offerings into Saltwater and Spey


We told you how much we liked the new SlickCast lines from RIO Now, the company has announced the expansion of its range of fly lines built with SlickCast.

From RIO:

“SlickCast creates the slickest, most durable fly lines in history. SlickCast is a fly line coating that has been formulated and developed by RIO’s R&D team that results in fly lines having the lowest amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. This exceptionally low friction makes it easier to shoot line and get a lot more distance with each cast.

SlickCast was released in RIO’s core trout lines to huge acclaim in the summer of 2020, and after such a positive launch, and numerous requests, RIO is delighted to announce the expansion of SlickCast into key tropical saltwater fly lines, as well as seasonally appropriate Spey lines.

RIO has added SlickCast to its popular species-specific, tropical saltwater fly lines that are built on DirectCore (RIO’s low-stretch, tropical core material). This new “Elite” series includes the Elite Flats Pro family, Elite Bonefish, Elite Tarpon, Elite Permit, and Elite GT lines.

RIO is excited to launch a new series of Elite Skagit shooting heads featuring SlickCast. The new Skagit Max Launch and Skagit Max Power heads are fine-tuned for casting big flies and powerful tips easily, and with a balance not yet seen in the Skagit world. In addition, RIO has added SlickCast to its Elite Metered Shooting Line, resulting in the slickest, furthest-casting coated shooting line ever made.

With these new product introductions, anglers across almost all fly-fishing categories can benefit from SlickCast, and choose the right line that will out cast, and out last, everything else on the market.”


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