Well, that sure was fun!


Five takeaways from an election night that apparently won’t end

  1. No matter how you voted, understand that 1/3 of the people in this country agree with you, 1/3 think you’re full of crap, and 1/3 of Americans are too stupid to form an opinion.
  2. In a dacha somewhere outside of Moscow, Vladimir Putin and several of his oligarch buddies are playing beer pong, listening to heavy metal music and laughing their asses off.
  3. Maybe we should be pollsters. In what other profession can you be that consistently wrong and still make a living?
  4. There was NO MANDATE. Which means, no matter who emerges from this circus, nothing of substance will happen on the federal government level for the next four years.
  5. Fly anglers will need to lose the politics, and band together and advocate on behalf of fly fishing.  Our rivers will see more pressure next year than ever before.  We need to figure out how to manage that.  Climate change is killing our rivers (see the Upper Colorado, which may not be the same in our lifetimes).  The need for public access and clean fishable water has never been greater.  Small businesses need relief, and on and on and on…

We’re serious about the last one.  So please, the sooner we put our MAGA hats or Biden buttons in the drawer and become anglers again, the better.

-The Editors


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