Introducing the all-new Fulling Mill Fly Boxes.


From Fulling Mill:

After nearly two years of R&D we’re proud to launch an all-new and totally custom range of fly boxes. 100% UK made, these boxes are built with durable polycarbonate, strong magnetic closures and slotted foam to hold the flies. Designed by anglers, for anglers, they are high-quality, lightweight, versatile and affordable.

With five unique boxes in the range, there’s something for every angler’s need.

The Pocket Box.

This is the smallest in the range. A lightweight box, it features a sleek frosted lid, which allows you to see your flies. Inside is a one-sided high density, 4mm slit foam with the capacity for up to 143 flies. As the name suggests, this box will fit snugly into the average shirt or pant pocket, making it the ideal day box.

The Stealth Box.

The Stealth Box is a super slim, clear lidded box capable of holding up to 304 of your finest flies. It houses the same slotted foam bed as the rest of the range and is ideal for nymphs, wet flies and smaller dry flies. This box will keep any angler’s essentials safe for a day on the water.

The Streamer Box.

The Streamer Box features a large format slotted foam layout with masses of head room. This clear-lidded, single-sided foam box can hold up to 60 flies and is ideal for a wide range of small to medium streamers and saltwater flies.

Tactical Box.

A slim workhorse of a box, the Tactical Box will hold up to 608 nymphs, wet flies or small dry flies in a double-sided format. Low profile but with ample space, it will be the cornerstone of any trout anglers fly box assortment.

Tactical Max Box.

The Tactical Max is the crown jewel of our new fly box range. A two-sided swing leaf provides the box with four sides of slotted foam fly storage, giving it an incredible maximum capacity of 1,158 flies while still maintaining a 45mm thickness. It’s A euro nymphing angler’s dream box if ever there was one.


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