Alert continues to design for fly tying with the addition of UV Curing Light 


Alert Stamping continues to manufacture specialty fly tying products for casters.

Our LED Fly Tying lights with [FTL130] and w/o magnification lens, as well as the dual light [FTL230] that fit on your vice post.



See the product brochure for the flexible LED Bench Lights here

Our handy battery pack [RBK11000]and now a UV portable flashlight [KUV365]to instantly cure glue once the UV shines on it. This gives you time to put dubbing and hairs exactly where you want before adhesion.


Our Fly Tying light comes with two 3600mA Li-Ion batteries and a cradle charger with status indicator light. The charger can be used with our battery pack if you’re off grid in a cabin or riverside tent.

Everything comes in a presentation style carrying case that’s excellent for gift giving. UV has many other uses; minerals, forgery, urine detection…

See Alert’s Full Catalog here

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