The end of an era… Field & Stream/Outdoor Life to be digital only


How many of you grew up reading the classic fishing and hunting tales in Field & Stream and/or Outdoor Life magazine?

Yesterday, ld ., a Swedish-owned media company—announced it had sold its New York-based titles, including Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, to the private equity firm North Equity.  North Equity focuses on digital media.

Sadly, this means the end of print issues for both Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, as well as staff layoffs  among those who produced the most iconic outdoor media brands in the world.  Sign of the times… but surely disappointing.

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  1. Ricky Tillman on

    I am disappointed that Field and Stream and Outdoor Life are no longer going to be published. I feel for those that no longer have jobs. Since I had subscriptions and they just stopped being received with no notice that I can recall I can’t help but feel that the seller/buyer have missed out on an opportunity to continue a relationship with their members.

  2. John Harkins on

    Been wondering where my Magazines have gotten off to, now I know. Will there be any Reimbursement for all of the years coming to me ? I looked forward to seeing my magazine every month, then every 3 months, now finding out ” too bad, so sad “. That kinda just SUCKS.

    • d.g. van arsdale on

      Born in 1948 and for decades after I subscribed to both Field&Stream magazine print and Outdoor Life magazine print which were so helpful IN STATE ONLY. When I grew up and traveled OUT OF STATE with no resident legal rights, then the BIG SECRET of RAMPANT OUT OF STATE FISHING AND HUNTING FRAUD appeared !! This is a big industry, 1 million subscribers to each magazine like F&S, yet they DISHONESTLY NEVER TALK ABOUT THE HUGE RISK OF FISHING OR HUNTING OUT OF STATE, like in Alaska, Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado! Dad retired and we both lost many $1000s to fraudulent Outfitters!! Beware, and Stay a Resident with legal recourse!!

    • Juan Caban on

      I grew up reading both magazines among other outdoor magazines, being born and raised in the city, both magazines gave me a taste of the great outdoors. I would often dream being with the author’s of the articles while they were fishing or hunting.

  3. Herod Lowery on

    I was born in 1955 to a World War 2 combat vet. My dad was the greatest outdoorsman ever. Yeah, I know every kid says that but he was the best.

    Part of my growing up hunting and fishing with my dad was reading Outdoor Life and Field and Stream in the 1960s and ‘70s.

    I’ve been wondering where they went, of course I’d sent my renewal in long before I found out the mags are no more. What a shame.

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