Greys Returns to the US with New Products & Technology


Greys first came across the pond with Hardy in 2007, offering fly anglers the tackle and techniques fished and practiced all over the world.  For the first time nymphing and dry fly fishing techniques so popular throughout Europe were available with the authentic tackle made for the task.  Now, in 2020, Greys is back with a fresh approach to fly fishing aimed at modern anglers interested in the latest techniques.  The Streamflex range of rods from Greys bring the latest actions and performance to US anglers.  Designed by the current Fly Fishing World Champion, Howard Croston, the new Streamflex range uses advanced materials and components to reflect more effective techniques developed over the last five years.  In addition to the new Streamflex range Greys also has a full offering of GR60 Fly Rods and new QRS, GTS 600, and GTS 300 Fly Reels.

Greys brings the finest in performance to our shores and riverbanks once again.  Whether you are an angler new to fly fishing or expert with years behind you, Greys presents a new adventure in the world of fly fishing.

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