Angling Trade Gear Review: Hardy Zane Carbon Reel  6/7/8



By Al Quattrocch

Saltwater fly reels need to be simple and perform well. The Hardy Zane carbon fly reel is milled out of barstock 6061/ carbon with a non-flash salt-safe anodized finish. It is a finely crafted saltwater fly reel. It matches perfectly to the Hardy Zane Pro 8wt. rod. It has a 340 degree regulated drag control with hard indents for quick and accurate adjustments. It has a fully sealed multi-pad disc drag with 10lb+ stopping power. This reel is a beautiful machined work of art suitable for light flats and beach fly fishing applications. It can be quickly taken apart with one screw knob and is completed sealed on the interior making it impervious to the abuse and corrosion of saltwater. The 6/7/8 model is lightweight weighing in at 8.3 oz. and has a sealed disc drag system. I was particularly impressed when I cranked down the drag, pointed the rod and pulled line smoothly off the spool under maximum pressure. Spooled with an 8 weight forward fly line its line capacity would balance out using 200 yards of 20lb Dacron backing. Having a smooth and sealed drag system makes this reel a fine choice for any seasoned saltwater fly angler and a testament to Hardy’s long and fine reputation of making quality crafted fly fishing products.


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