National Fishing in Schools Program Launches “FishTargets” Kickstarter Campaign


From NFSP:

The National Fishing in Schools Program (NFSP) is a standards-based outdoor education program that has been implemented in over 250 schools nationwide. (Often referred to as “Fishing in Schools.”) The original curriculum, “Cast A Fly, Catch A Student” instructs fly fishing. This year, in partnership with the American Sportfishing Association, NFSP is piloting the companion curriculum, “Cast a Lure, Catch a Student,” which teaches spincasting. We intend to launch “full-bore” beginning in 2021.

FishTargetsTM are the unique and realistic reproductions of 20 popular sportfish from fresh and saltwater that have been used as the primary teaching tools by our “Fishing in Schools” educators. After a decade of using them to teach students in NFSP schools and other institutions, we are excited to bring them to the public for the first time.

Our FishTarget KICKSTARTER Campaign is structured to announce this action and request support for both the production of FishTargets and their use in “Fishing in Schools.”

FishTargetsTM may be caught using any fishing equipment: hand line, spinning rod, fly rod, tenkara—you name it! All you need is a FishTarget, or two, and the special “hook” provided to catch (and release) the fish. Anywhere. Anytime.

FishTargets bend the rod and create resistance, so they are a perfect tool for new anglers to learn how to cast, bring the fish to hand (or net) after retrieving the lure or fly to catch the fish. And, they are the perfect “practice” tool for those who have more experience and wish to home their skills, or just have fun!

About FishTargets

For over a decade, we have been providing FishTargets as educational tools for our teachers to use in the National Fishing in Schools Program (NFSP) we founded in 2009. We started “Fishing in Schools” as a large-scale way to share our passion for fishing with youth and to inspire them to get out into nature. FishTargets have been an integral component in the success of this program.

Media Contact:
Name: Katie Cole Dement
Phone: 970-708-9373
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KICKSTARTER LINK: FishTargets Kickstarter Campaign


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