Tight Line Media, Idaho Falls Toyota Dealers and Four Wheel Campers join forces for Ocean to Idaho salmon documentary


From Tight Line Media:

Tight Line Media CEO Kris Millgate, Inland Northwest Toyota Dealers – including Teton Toyota, Phil Meador Toyota and Stone’s Toyota – and Four Wheel Campers are embarking on a unique road trip.
Ocean to Idaho debuts on social media platforms this summer. The multimedia experience offers audiences the opportunity to track salmon migration in the Pacific Northwest.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Toyota and Four Wheel Campers to share the life of salmon with all Americans,” says Millgate, a journalist for 25 years. “From the deltas of the Pacific Coast to the vast public lands of Idaho’s backcountry, this project reveals incredible landscapes and the nearly impossible migration of Chinook salmon within those landscapes.”

Follow migration through multiple states and across hundreds of miles in a Toyota Tundra paired with a Four Wheel Camper while learning about salmon and their incredible journey to complete their life cycle.
“Toyota and its dealers are passionate about the conservation of our environment. That’s why we’re proud to support the Ocean to Idaho project on this adventure to follow the annual salmon migration,” says Mario Hernandez, Inland Northwest Toyota Dealers Association board member. “We understand how important salmon migration is to our ecosystem and we’re excited to experience this road trip with Kris and Tight Line Media.”

The outdoor adventure begins at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon and ends at the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. Footage gathered during the 850-mile trip will turn into a finished film plus stories for print and video media outlets nationwide in 2021. Watch the progress, and the process, of documenting an epic journey.

“Four Wheel Campers has an appreciation for our natural lands and habitats,” says Dan Welty, Four Wheel Campers vice president. “Our team is thankful to be part of the Ocean to Idaho project.”
The adventure starts June 25, 2020 at www.oceantoidaho.com


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