Towee Boats Releases Ultra Quiet STALKER Floor System


From Towee Boats:

Towee Boats is pleased to announce the release of their new STALKER quiet floor system. Available on the Calusa Pro model, the new flooring system is specifically designed for the most demanding stealth fishing situations where the slightest sound transmission can be the difference between getting close enough for the shot or epic failure.

“Our skiffs have always been known for having an extremely quiet floor” says Todd Gregory, owner of Towee Boats. “However, there are extreme applications in both fresh and saltwater fishing where this is going to be an absolute game changer – combining an already super quiet, shallow floating skiff with this new quiet floor technology will get anglers much closer to ultra wary fish.”

The STALKER floor system combines layers of closed cell marine substrates, hand layered composites and a unique layer of a special material that includes a mixture of engineered cork and rubber inside the lamination. “No one was more surprised than me when their engineers brought up a material that contains cork and rubber as being the answer” said Gregory of a meeting with suppliers of engineered materials to both the America’s Cup racing effort and the Department of Defense. “We were actually there to see another product and one of their engineers approached me with this material which, after much testing and tweaking, became the basis for a whole new flooring system. It certainly wasn’t a drop in solution but, when combined properly, each of the components and materials in the STALKER floor system produce a a deadly silent tool to get anglers closer to fish than ever before”.

You can request the latest Towee Pricing Guide by visiting their website or contact Todd Gregory for more information [email protected] .


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