RepYourWater introduces SHOP SHARE


From Rep Your Water:

Fly fishing is a tight knit community, and the lifeblood of that community are the independent fly shops that we all know and love. We recognize that we are all being affected by this crisis, but many of these small shops are facing an unprecedented challenge.

RepYourWater Co-Founder Garrison used to guide for one of his local community shops here in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Anglers in Boulder. Rocky Mountain Anglers is one of those great community driven shops that relies entirely on in person sales as they do not sell online. Our SHOP SHARE program came about as Garrison reached out to Randy the owner/manager of Rocky Mountain Anglers and other small fly shop retailers around the country to bridge that gap.

SHOP SHARE is a way for RepYourWater to give fly shops their share of products purchased by direct consumers on their website as if they were purchased in store.

How does it work?

Customers simply add a gift card* (value $10, but can buy many to increase the impact) to their cart to one of the participating fly shops at and the shop will receive not only give the gift card value, but also share the revenue of ANY OTHER PRODUCTS in the same purchase just as if it was purchased at the shop.  If anyone wants to help multiple shops, we are asking them make multiple transactions to make the most impact.

RepYourWater is adding shops continually to this program so keep checking back or call your local shop if you do not see them on the SHOP SHARE page.

*Gift cards will be valid based on individual shop’s hours and availability during the social distancing orders and are not valid for hunting or fishing licenses.  Please note, some shops are closed and gift cards will have to be used when they are open for business again. 


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