More strong advice related to fishing and other stuff, from one of the world’s leading public health experts


Eric J. Esswein—MSPH, CIH, CIAQP, FAIHA, CAPT, USPHS (Ret.), CEO, Emeritus Health and Safety, LLC, and now a Contractor working directly on CDC/NIOSH COVID-19 Response—happens to be an avid and very skilled fly angler and a friend of Angling Trade.  He took time out of his busy schedule on the front lines of battling the pandemic to share these additional CDC resources, covering everything from small business guidance, to how to run errands.  Do please check them out.

Small business (i.e., fly shops)

Cleaning, Disinfection (any business)

Daily Life, Coping  (what we’re likely going to have to deal with for a while)

Getting your home ready

Running errands


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