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-Kirk Deeter, Editor, Angling Trade

There will be a fishing boom on the other side of the pandemic.

Social science is predicting another baby boom as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We don’t know about that, but we do think there will be a fishing boom.  Fishing has always seen a resurgence during times of national healing and recovery—post World War II, following 9-11, lifting out of the recession in 2008-09…. People ultimately find solace and healing on the water.  It’s a family activity.  It’s free (or close).  And people who have been starved for adventure are going to beeline toward lakes and rivers once they’re turned loose, especially as the weather warms.  Programs like Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery literally embody the lifting effects fly fishing can have.  The whole damn country is in need of healing, and we are in a position to provide some of that.  Fishing will be one of the first sports, and first outdoor business sectors to emerge from this funk.

I’m taking a doctor (or nurse, or both) fishing… for free… when this is over (or at least on pause)

One cannot adequately describe the shock and trauma health care professionals on the front lines in places like New York are experiencing right now.  There will be many people, including some in the fly fishing world whose lives and careers will be impacted, and in need of a helping hand. We will no doubt band together to help those businesses. But let’s also pledge to offer some emotional relief to those who are actually pulling the country through this pandemic.


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