RIO Adds To Its Euro Nymph Accessory Selection


From RIO Products:

RIO Products continues to expand its series of Euro Nymph accessories with a new range of leaders, and a new color offering of its highly popular two-tone indicator tippet.

RIO’s Technical Euro Nymph Leader has been designed for the ultimate in performance when fishing any of the European nymphing techniques. The extra-long, ultra-thin leader is incredibly sensitive to the subtlest of grabs, and the two-tone indicator tippet tied to the front end has high contrast and is very easy to see. With two color options of the two-tone indicator tippet (Pink & Yellow, or Black & White) anglers have a choice of visual cues for different light conditions and environments.

Each leader is 14 feet in length and has an incredibly thin butt diameter of 2X (.009”) tapering to 4X (.007”), where it finishes with a RIO tippet ring, allowing anglers to quickly and easily attach the tippet of their choice. Available online, or from authorized RIO dealers, these Technical Euro Nymph leaders have an MSRP of $12.99.

In addition, RIO now offers a new two-tone indicator tippet color in alternating black and white sections – each with eight-inches of color between the change. This new black and white color option is an excellent choice in low light conditions, allowing anglers to clearly see the color breaks and detect the subtlest of grabs.

This new tippet is available in sizes 6X to 1X, with 30 yards of material per spool, and has a MSRP of $14.99


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