AFFTA Updates on COVID-19


The trade association is rallying to support its members through this.


Dear AFFTA member,

As the industry trade association, our responsibility is to provide a solid leadership role to all segments of the industry. With the disruptions that COVID-19 has had on the day-to-day lives of millions around the world, AFFTA is acutely aware of the impacts the virus is having on every facet of our industry.
We have been contacted by many members over the past week looking to AFFTA for advice or resources to help them weather the economic impacts of the market downturn, and the calls for social distancing and travel restrictions will have on their businesses.

It is time that we as a community come together to address the inevitable impacts the coronavirus will have on our businesses. Using each other as resources will help us find solutions to minimize those financial implications.

Our Executive Committee, Board of Directors and staff have been in communication throughout the evolution of the pandemic. We’re fortunate to have the business insights of every category in our industry represented on the board. We’ll be sharing any resources we find to help soften the blow and position your business to weather the storm. We will be doing all we can to facilitate information flow that can be useful to your businesses.

Insurance and Small Business Administration programs
Talk directly with your insurance provider about your coverage and understand your options and next steps. Also, the Small Business Administration has announced programs specifically for those affected by COVID-19. You can learn more here>> Be sure to check your individual State’s Small Business section on their website for additional resources.

Communication up and down the chain
All our member businesses will be impacted to some degree by these unprecedented events. It’s important to understand that working together is imperative, and that clear and cooperative communication is key.

The new AFFTA website offers forum platforms to our membership to start discussion groups which can lead to tangible best practices implementation and peer support. We encourage you to use this feature to network on tactics and solutions. To do that, you will need to sign-in to your profile:

• Visit
• Sign in with your username and password

If you have not signed-in to our new site yet:
• Visit
• Sign in with your username and password: AFFTA123

Any issues with signing-in, please email Matt Smythe – [email protected]

We understand that these are uncertain and scary times. But we also know that our community always finds a way to pull together and take care of its own.

Any information or new programs we learn about will be shared immediately. Likewise, if you hear of anything or have advice to add to the conversation, please be in touch with me directly.

We will make it through this.


Ben Bulis
AFFTA President & CEO
[email protected]


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