AFFTA Fisheries Fund Artist Auction Closes February 29th.


For the love of the salt

Click here to view artwork and bid on pieces.

The AFFTA Fisheries Fund was established in late 2014 with the main objective of funding organizations and projects focused on fisheries conservation and education. From grassroots projects to national-level initiatives, the Fund supports the important work that’s happening to preserve and protect our vital resources and attract more people to fly fishing.

Over the past 5 years, we have granted close to $200,000 to over 20 different fresh- and saltwater projects nationwide. The AFFTA Fisheries Fund Artist Initiative is a celebration of the amazing fly fishing artist community we have, and the unique beauty of our saltwater fisheries – which all need our support to protect them from overfishing and conserve their abundance for generations to come.

All winning bids will go to the Fisheries Fund in support of the projects and organizations that are working every day to ensure the health and future of our fisheries. Click on any of the artist names in the images below to see more or place your bid – or click here to visit the auction site and make a donation!

The auction is open till February 29th. Thank you for your generosity!


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