Patagonia’s Artifishal: Full-length documentary is now online


From Patagonia:

The road to extinction is paved with good intentions

We made Artifishal to defend wild salmon and wild rivers, and to illustrate the devastating costs—ecological, financial and cultural—of human arrogance. If there’s a future for salmon and the communities that depend on them, it’s in the realization that the best hatchery is a healthy river.

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Get the Facts
• What’s The Difference Between Wild, Hatchery And Farmed Fish?
• Don’t We Need Hatcheries To Make Up For Habitat Loss?
• How Can Putting More Fish In The River Result In Fewer Fish To Catch?
• Who Pays For And Manages Fish Hatcheries?
• What About Tribal Fishing Rights?
• If We’re Serious About Helping Wild Salmon And Orcas Survive In Puget Sound, What’s The Solution?
• But Wouldn’t More Hatchery Fish Provide Immediate Relief For Starving Orcas?
• How Can We Help Klamath River Wild Salmon Recover After The Dams Are Removed?
• Can I Eat Salmon Without Supporting Hatcheries And Net-Pen Fish Farms?
• How Quickly Can Wild Fish Recover When We Restore Habitat And Remove Hatcheries And Dams?
• Won’t Fewer Hatcheries Mean Fewer Fishing Opportunities?


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