Flymen Fishing Co. to distribute Shilton Reels


From Flymen Fishing Company:

Flymen Fishing Company and Shilton Reels announced a new collaborative partnership in which Flymen will distribute Shilton Reels in the USA fly fishing market.

Shilton is a high-quality renowned South African brand that produces fly reels known for their innovative clutch system that makes them ideal for fighting the strongest and toughest gamefish in the world, both in freshwater and saltwater.

Trusted by guides worldwide in some of the toughest fishing conditions, such as the Seychelles, Shilton Reels were previously unavailable in the US market. Due to rising recognition and demand, Shilton and Flymen formed a partnership to bring Shilton Reels to the US.

“Flymen is a company built around innovation and creating the next generation of fly fishing products to take fly fishing to the next level,” said Martin Bawden, founder of Flymen Fishing Company and head product designer. “Shilton Reels fits right in with what our customers count on us for – top of the line innovative fly fishing products. We believe this new offering of Shilton Reels will bring great value to our customers.”

“We are very excited to have Flymen Fishing Company appointed as our USA distributor,” said Murray Pedder, Head of Sales in South Africa for Shilton Reels. “Without a doubt, the USA market is the biggest in the world when it comes to fly fishing equipment and it was critical for us to have the right company to represent the Shilton brand. Flymen is that company!”

“We first met Tony Frittelli, the man behind Shilton, in 2000 and he presented to us his first design, a black CL. Since then Tony has built a full range of exceptionally engineered, worldclass fly fishing reels which includes the CR range, SL range, and latest edition, the SR range. Through the many reputable guiding and travel operations in Southern Africa, such as Alphonse Fly Fishing Company and Tourette, Shilton Reels have proved themselves over and over again in the field in stopping and landing serious gamefish. It has always been Tony’s goal to offer his exceptional product to the global market and we are thrilled that Shilton Reels will now are available to fly fishermen in the USA and South America.”

About Flymen Fishing Company:
Flymen Fishing Company designs, produces, and sells innovative fly tying materials that combine ease of tying with top-notch performance on the water, as well as ranges of flies based on the materials.

About Shilton Reels:
Shilton Engineering was established in 1988 and specializes in high-precision engineering projects. Manufactured since 1999, Shilton Fly Reels are crossing all frontiers in the international fly fishing arena.

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