Smith Intros New Shades


Smith introduced a couple of new sunglass models this past month, plus a new ChromaPop Glass lens tint, designed for fishing:

ChromaPop Glass Green Mirror

Following the launch of ChromaPop Glass lenses last year, providing up to 12x more scratch resistance than polymer lenses while being 20% lighter than traditional glass, Smith is excited to launch a new Green Mirror tint. This is the first ChromaPop Glass lens that features a brown base with a mirrored exterior, which is 10% darker than standard brown lenses for added visual comfort on super bright days. The brown base of the lens continues to amplify detail and distinguish shapes and objects in the water. Ideal for in-shore, sight fishing, river and stream use. The new ChromaPop Glass Green Mirror is available in the Guide’s Choice and new Redding sunglass models. MSRP $249

New Frame Models

Smith also launched the Redding, the Hookshot, and the interchangeable Caravan MAG frames. The smaller fit Redding frame is offered in ChromaPop Polarized Glass and ChromaPop+ (Trivex) polarized lenses, while the larger fit Hookshot is offered in ChromaPop (polycarbonate) polarized lenses. The new Caravan MAG is also offered exclusively in ChromaPop polarized lenses, but features a unique interchangeability that allows anglers to change lenses tints quickly on the water. Each Caravan MAG frame comes with two sets of lenses for bright sun use – including Bronze Mirror, Brown, Grey Green and Black – and a second ChromaPop Ignitor lens for low light conditions. Offered in a full frame design, the Caravan MAG features two opposing N52 neodymium magnets in the temple lug that intuitively separate to unlock the frame to allow for fast lens swapping.


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