AFFTA applauds Virginia Marine Resources Commission emergency action for striped bass, urges ASMFC to take action.



On August 27th, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission voted unanimously (9-0) in favor of enacting emergency regulations for the striped bass fishery, which recently had been assessed as overfished and overfishing currently occurring. This action established a recreational bag limit of one fish per angler per day, with a maximum size limit of 36 inches.

“This is the kind of decisive leadership that’s needed to ensure the future of our striped bass fishery,” says Ben Bulis, AFFTA president. “AFFTA supports 100% the Virginia Marine Resources Commission’s decision to take this bold and necessary step. They have drawn a line in the sand that we strongly encourage other states within the Atlantic Marine Fisheries Commission to do as well. Restoring this fishery to sustainable levels is vital. Long term recreational and economic opportunity for our members relies on abundant fisheries, and striped bass is a prime example.”

AFFTA guides the sustainable growth of the fly fishing industry through trade development and stewardship. We accomplish this by advocating for the industry and empowering our members to improve their businesses through collaboration, education and building community; along with advocating for healthy fisheries and engaging our members and partners to support protection, restoration, and access.


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