Crossfire Textured Rubber Grip Clams, Prism-Finish Scissors New From Dr. Slick


From Dr. Slick:

Clamps and scissors, tools found on every fly fly-fisher’s vest and tying bench, have been re-imagined in two new product lines from the Dr. Slick Company for 2020.

The Crossfire line is a new hybrid series that combines three of Dr. Slick’s most popular clamp styles, lengths and jaw structures. The addition of textured rubber handles and tapered jaws combine to create a blend of form, function and comfort.

“The Crossfire series’ orange textured rubber handles make the clamps significantly more comfortable on an angler’s hands – and easier to spot should it be dropped along the bank after releasing a fish. The Montana company blended their most popular clamp styles with their most versatile and popular jaw structures. “Add in the tapered jaws and you have something pretty special,” smiled Dr. Slick president and chief executive officer Steve Fournier.

Crossfire clamps have straight needle nose tapered jaws and either a half smooth and half striated (Standard Clamp) or a half smooth and half cross hatched jaws (Scissor Clamps and Mitten Scissor Clamps).

Additionally, Dr. Slick re-engineered their Prism series of tools that now includes three scissors and five clamps. The Titanium Nitride finish creates a harder blade edge on scissors, making them ideal for synthetic and natural tying materials. On clamps, the harder surface adds more protection against salt water and other environmental conditions. The prism finish on both the scissors and clamps is a unique swirl of red, green, blue, orange and yellow. “No two are alike, said Fournier

The 30 year old Dr. Slick fly-tying and fly-fishing company will offer Prism scissors with one serrated blade in 3-1/2-inch Arrow Scissor, 4-inch All Purpose Scissor and 4-1/2-inch Hair Scissor styles . Prism clamps are available in a Standard 5-inch half smooth, half striated jaw;   5-inch Spring Creek full smooth jaw, 5-1/2-inch Scissor Clamp and 4-3/4-inch and 5-1/2-inch Mitten Scissor clamps with half smooth and half cross-hatch jaw.

The new tools bring to more than 400 the number in the Dr. Slick product catalog of fly-fishing and fly-tying accessories.

Items will be available Sept. 1.

2020 New Products and Pricing

Crossfire 5-inch Standard Clamp: $19

Crossfire 5-inch Scissor Clamp: $24

Crossfire 6-inch Scissor Clamp: $25

Crossfire 5-inch Mitten Scissor Clamp: $25

Crossfire 6-inch Mitten Scissor Clamp: $26

Prism Arrow Scissors: $19

Prism All Purpose Scissors: $20

Prism Hair Scissors: $21

Prism Standard 5-inch Clamp: $18.50

Prism Spring Creek 5-inch Clamp: $18.50

Prism 5-1/2-inch Scissor Clamp: $23

Prism 4-3/4-inch Mitten Scissor Clamp: $25

Prism 5-1/2-inch Mitten Scissor Clamp: $26


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