Bristol Bay Comment Period Ends Today, July 1st.



This fight has gone on long enough.

For over a decade, the threat of an environmentally, economically and culturally devastating open-pit copper and gold mine in the headwaters of Bristol Bay has reared its head—and for over a decade, anglers, hunters, naturalists and concerned citizens by the millions have raised their voices again and again in opposition to the mine.

Yet, in spite of the exceedingly clear reality that the finite short-term economic windfall for foreign mining interests pales in comparison to the permanent loss of the most productive and pristine salmon spawning habitat in the world, over 14,000 jobs, a $1.5 billion annual economic engine, and the irreplaceable backbone of native Alaskan cultures, the beast simply won’t die. Our government seems unwilling to side with our own citizens and stand up for common-sense, basic human decency and truly sustainable business.

Yes, this fight has gone on long enough.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement and it shows a significant bias toward the short-term value of gold on the global market rather than on the long-term value of natural resources, economics, and culture already in place in Bristol Bay. There is also significant concern over the fact that there is only a 90-day window for public comment – which closes on Monday – rather than a longer period, given the project’s complexities and what’s at stake.

We need to raise our voices again TODAY and Save Bristol Bay.

AFFTA and the fly fishing industry have proudly stood with our friends in the Bristol Bay campaign from the beginning. And we will continue to offer our full support until the Pebble Mine proposal has been unequivocally denied. But we need you to add your voice, too.

Submit your comment today!

The public comment period closes on Monday, July 1st! 
It is crucial for everyone reading this to submit comments to the Army Corps immediately. These comments are the foundation of our efforts to force the government to go back and do the job right. Add your voice to the fight today and tell your Congressional leaders and the USACE No Pebble Mine!

Thank you all for your continued support.


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